JAN 10 2018

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Jan 13 2018

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows [v 1.22] (2016)

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows [v 1.22] (2016)
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows [v 1.22] (2016) PC | Size:7.05 GB
Year : 2016
Genre : Adventure,RPG , Tactical , Strategy , Fantasy
Developer : Witching Hour Studios
Publisher : Ysbryd Games
Publication Type : License {GOG}
Platform : PC
Language : English, MULTi
Medicine : Not required {DRM -Free}

Jan 12 2018

Grim Dawn [v + DLC] (2016) by xatab

Grim Dawn [v  + DLC] (2016) by xatab
Grim Dawn [ + DLC] (2016) PC 4.35 GB | RePack by xatab
Release date: February 25, 2016 ~ October 14, 2017
Genre: Adventure , Action,Adventure RPG, Isometric , 3D
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Publisher: Crate Entertainment
Platform: PC
Language: English and 7 more languages
Language of voice: English
Publication Type: Repack
Medicine: CODEX

Jan 12 2018

Puppet Kings [FINAL]

Puppet Kings [FINAL]
Puppet Kings [FINAL]|273 MB
In a land where The Ancient Law states that kings of the four races should take turns to rule, the current king is determined to rule forever. But to do it he and his minions will have to overcome The Judges, titanic monsters whose job is to enforce the Ancient Law and prevent pretenders from ascending to the throne.

Puppet Kings is a modern take on the Breakout genre taking block-breaking to new levels of fun by introducing characters, boss rush as primary game mode and a roguelike twist.



Jan 10 2018

Furi (2016)

Furi (2016)
Furi (2016) PC | Size:3.32 GB
Year of manufacture : Jul. 2016
Genre : Action,Adventure (to Slasher Slasher), 3D
Developer : The Game Bakers
Publisher : The Game Bakers
Publication Type : License {GOG}
Game Version : 4.1.95
Language : English, MULTI
Sound language : English, MULTI
Medicine : Not required {DRM-Free}

Jan 10 2018

The Evil Within 2 v 1.0.3.H + 1 DLC(2017) by = nemos =

The Evil Within 2 v 1.0.3.H + 1 DLC(2017) by = nemos =
The Evil Within 2 [v 1.0.3.H + 1 DLC] (2017) PC 15.73 GB| RePack by = nemos =
Year : 2017
Genre : Adventure,Action,Adventure (Survival horror), 3D , 3rd Person
Developer : Tango Gameworks
Publisher : Bethesda Softworks
Platform : PC
Version: 1.0.3.H (Update 2)
Publication Type : Repack
Language : English, MULTi Voice
Medicine : Present {CODEX}

Jan 10 2018

Bunny Mania 2 [FINAL]

Bunny Mania 2 [FINAL]

Bunny Mania 2 [FINAL]|30 MB
Bunny Mania around the world! It is a classic puzzle game with bunnies
Command lots of bunnies, and help them to reach the bunny house. Build bridges, drill holes, and collect vegetables
Key features:
- 4 game worlds, 60 levels
- 10 tools, powerups and crates
- elevators and traps
- advanced hint system


Jan 09 2018

Fallout 4 [v1. + 8 DLC] (2015) by qoob

Fallout 4 [v1. + 8 DLC] (2015) by qoob
Fallout 4 Edition HD [v1. + 8 DLC] (2015) PC |Size:68GB RePack by qoob
Year: 2015
Genre: Adventure, Action,Adventure,Shooter ™,RPG,3D,1st-the Person,3rd-the Person
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Publication Type: RePack
Platform: PC
Language: multi
Sound language: English
Medicine: Enclosure (CODEX)

Jan 09 2018

Alan Wake (2012) by qoob

Alan Wake (2012) by qoob
Alan Wake (2012) PC | RePack by qoob
Year: 2012
Genre: Adventure,Action,Adventure,3D,Adventure,Horror
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Publisher: Remedy Entertainment
Publication Type: RePack
Platform: PC
Language: Russian, English, MULTi12 Voice
Language: English
Medicine: Not required (GOG | DRM -FREE)

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